Whole30 Journal 2013 – Day 27 Update

by Angie Anew on January 27, 2013

My Whole30 journey is drawing to a close! I find it hard to believe that I’m already on day 27. Truthfully, this month has flown by. Work stress and family busyness have kept me occupied. And if I’m being honest, falling back into this routine was easier than it was to establish it last year. As a result, I haven’t experienced any shocking changes or epiphanies this time around. Don’t get me wrong. Changes are occurring. It’s just that I fully expected them. Nice when something works so reliably, huh?

Here are just a few of the results that I expected (and attained) so far this month:

  • My appetite is more moderate and my blood sugar is steadier.
    When I routinely eat processed and sugary foods, I often develop symptoms of low blood sugar between meals. I say I’m “starving.” I feel shaky. My heart beats faster. I need something to eat. Now!

    In contrast, after a solid period of eating balanced meals based on unprocessed meats, fats, vegetables and fruits, that feeling goes away completely. I still get hungry. I look forward to my meals. But I don’t get that horrible low blood sugar feeling.

  • I’ve lost weight/bulk.
    You’re not supposed to weigh yourself during a Whole30. (Weight loss isn’t the main point.) But my guess is that I’ll have lost close to 10 pounds after this month. If that’s the case, I’ll land solidly in the low 130s, which is a good place for me to be, given my height and frame.

    I also took body measurements this time, and I’m interested to see how those numbers have changed over the course of this month.

  • I’ve fallen back into healthy routines.
    It feels familiar once again to do batch cooking on the weekends, pack my lunch every day and generally maintain routines that are good for my health. The choices feel much more natural this time around than they did a year ago. In fact, I rarely have to think about (or talk about) the fact that I’m “on a Whole30″ at all. I just cook real food and eat it. No need to dwell or preach.

    The routine that I always find hardest to break is my post-kiddo-bedtime snacktastrophe (or sometimes drinktastrophe). The reward for my success in breaking this habit? I’m sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed. Although I won’t continue to completely abstain from wine and occasional desserts, I will be more mindful. Good sleep is precious!

  • I’m sleeping better.
    See above. I’m also remembering more of my dreams—some of which are hilarious and bizarre. (Last night, my family and I were part of a traveling circus crew forced to band together to save a town from invading spiders. Yikes!)

I’ll give a full report on my results after day 30, but for now know that I’m feeling good and planning to (mostly) stick with this way of life. It works for me.

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