Whole30 Food Journal ~ Tues., May 8

by Angie Anew on May 8, 2012

My life has changed dramatically since I last kept Whole30 food journal. I started a full-time job in March and have been adjusting to our new family rhythm ever since. The lovingly prepared and painstakingly photographed breakfasts of my last Whole30 food journal seem like a distant memory.

Tuesday Whole30 Breakfast: Black coffee. (See what I mean?)

Tuesday Whole30 Snack: During a morning meeting, I ate some banana and apple slices with unsweetened sunflower seed butter.  (Of course I offered to share!)

Tuesday Whole30 Late Lunch: After taking our little guy to his 18-month check-up in the afternoon, I warmed up some frozen Cuban-style pork shoulder, baked some sweet potato “chips” and pulled some celery out of the refrigerator. Behold, my most complete meal of the day…

Whole30 Lunch

Tuesday Whole30 Snack: Before taking our big guy to swimming lessons, I downed a green smoothie with unsweetened coconut milk, a handful of kale, and a few chunks of frozen fruit (strawberries and bananas).

Tuesday Whole30 Dinner: While watching a Netflix show with the hubby, I enjoyed a little rotisserie chicken, a bunch of blackberries and a few green olives.

Tomorrow promises a slightly less hectic schedule. Maybe I’ll do a little cooking instead of just reheating. Then again, who am I kidding? Tomorrow is Wednesday. Do people ever cook on Wednesdays?

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Joan May 8, 2012 at 9:40 PM

Glad to see you are plugging away. The smoothie has become a staple for me. Fun to see what new habits emerge. Here is my two cents about fast and easy lunches for the week. I do realize I am not in your working situation at all so feel free to ignore but here it is. Cook a whole chicken on the w/e and cut up leftovers. Have a ready made salad in a big bowl for the week. Each day grab some lettuce, throw on some leftover chicken, add some olives or grab an avocado and keep a stash of olive oil/vinegar dressing at work. Works for my intern and her school lunches(she is now a whole 30 convert). Now supper is a completely different matter. Haven’t quite figured out how to streamline that one. Thanks for posting!


Angie Anew May 9, 2012 at 8:38 PM

I am all about whole chickens! A vegetarian might be horrified by how many chickens I likely eat in a year. ;) In case you ever don’t want to cook your own chicken, Mississippi Market has cooked, free-range birds on special on Sundays.


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