Whole30 Food Journal 2013 – Day 8

by Angie Anew on January 8, 2013

A boring mid-week Whole30 food journal tonight. I’m feeling spent from along day at work and not enough sleep last night. I’m still eating well, though. Happy Tuesday!

Whole30 Breakfast

Whole30 Breakfast: Homemade pork sausage patties (loosely followed this method), sauteed spinach, grapefruit, black coffee.

Whole30 Lunch

Whole30 Lunch: Green curry with chicken (followed instructions on Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste jar — minus the sugar and with additive-free coconut milk and fish sauce — and subbed vegetables we had on hand), grapefruit.

Whole30 Dinner

Whole30 Dinner: Roast chicken leg and thigh, apples, sunflower seed butter, carrots, Angelica’s Garden kraut salad. (Not pictured: Medjool date. Yum!)

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