Whole30 Food Journal 2013 – Day 7

by Angie Anew on January 7, 2013

When I posted yesterday’s Whole30 food journal, someone on my Facebook page asked about food variety. Do I get sick of apples? Are the greens getting old? Do I tire of eggs?

I wrote about getting stuck in a food rut during my last Whole30. My feeling? A food rut isn’t a bad thing — and can even make life easier — as long as you’re eating healthy, enjoyable food. You’ve probably noticed that my Whole30 meals follow a familiar pattern: eggs and greens, meat and veggies, soup and salad. You’ll also likely be able to guess which specific fruits and veggies appealed to me at the grocery store from week to week. (Expect to see more grapefruit this week. Related: BUY GRAPEFRUIT!)

So yeah, I don’t whip up radically different recipes from day to day. I enjoy leftovers. I try to keep things as simple as possible. I don’t want to worry much about what “counts” as a Whole30 recipe. It works for me.

Week one of my 2013 Whole30 down! Three more weeks, plus two days, to go. (Sheesh!)

Whole30 Breakfast

Whole30 Breakfast: Egg fried in clarified butter, hot sauce, grapefruit, sauteed spinach, black coffee.

Whole30 Lunch

Whole30 Lunch: Roast chicken leg and thigh, sauteed kale, sweet potato rounds, grapefruit.

Whole30 Dinner

Whole30 Dinner: Green curry with chicken (followed instructions on Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste jar — minus the sugar and with additive-free coconut milk and fish sauce — and subbed vegetables we had on hand), Angelica’s Garden kraut salad, grapefruit, blackberries.

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Tamara January 8, 2013 at 11:48 AM

I love reading about how your whole 30 is going. I too am on my second whole 30. I’m curious whether you have decided what life will be like after the whole 30?


Angie Anew January 11, 2013 at 5:45 PM

I’m thinking about my regular routine being “WholeWeek” and then “HelluvaWeekend.” ;) I eat mostly gluten-free, but I’d like to maintain better habits regarding sweets and other processed foods. But Whole365 isn’t going to happen!


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