Whole30 Food Journal 2013 – Day 6

by Angie Anew on January 6, 2013

What counts as a Whole30 recipe? Yesterday, I saw a debate about that question erupt online. You see, on a Whole30 you’re not supposed to “paleofy” junk food (paleo muffins, paleo cupcakes, etc.). But where do you draw the line?

Honestly, obsessing about the gray areas of food combinations and arrangements isn’t something that I ever want to do — even on a Whole30. So I focus on quality food and stick to simple preparations.

In fact, here’s my favorite Whole30 recipe:

  1. Drizzle (fat of choice)
  2. Season (herbs, spices, salt, etc.)
  3. Sizzle (bake, sautee, slow cook, etc.)

That’s not to say that slightly more involved recipes can’t be helpful and fun. (I plan to make a batch of my Thai Coconut Chicken Soup very soon!) I just find that enjoying good food, simply prepared, is easier for me than worrying about what “counts” as Whole30.

Anyway, on to my Whole30 food journal.

Whole30 Breakfast

Whole30 Breakfast: Homemade pork sausage patties (loosely followed this method), green olives, blackberries, sauteed mushrooms and spinach.

Whole30 Lunch

Whole30 Lunch: Shrimp drizzled with clarified butter, Angelica’s Garden kraut salad, apple slices, sunflower seed butter, sweet potato rounds.

Whole30 Dinner

Whole30 Dinner: Chicken tacos (salsa + chicken thighs + 8 hours in slow cooker), avocado slices, salsa, sauteed kale, blackberries, sweet potato rounds.

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