Whole30 Food Journal 2013 – Day 3

by Angie Anew on January 3, 2013

Whole30 at work? I made it work by bringing along a single serving of the big batch of chili that I made on day 1 and froze using my soup “library” technique. Today’s Whole30 food journal also includes plenty of greens, orange veggies, and healthy fats. Other than soups and curries, I find that the best Whole30 recipes are simple: drizzle, season, bake/saute/grill/crockpot, and eat.

Whole30 Breakfast

Whole30 Breakfast: Egg fried in clarified butter, sauteed spinach, avocado slices, homemade pork sausage patty (loosely followed this method).

Whole30 Lunch

Whole30 Lunch: Chocolate chili, sauteed kale, sweet potato rounds, raspberries. (The chocolate chili was leftover from the big batch that I made on day 1. I  froze it in single servings using my soup “library” technique.)

Whole30 Dinner

Whole30 Dinner: Delicata squash with chili-lime clarified butter, shrimp with chili-lime clarified butter, sauteed spinach.

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